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Harassment/Abuse/Ethics Reporting Procedure


As per our Club’s policy , we are also providing a resource/liaison who can assist you in any way.

Harassment/Abuse/Bullying Incident:
If you wish to pursue a matter and file a formal complaint, there is a process to follow to make sure that information is send,  received and reviewed in an appropriate and confidential manner. Note that submission guidelines generally only allow complaints within 14 days of an incident, however exceptions are made under certain circumstances.


In order to keep information confidential, we suggest that you make any submission directly (via Jon Hasson) so that any personal or incident details are kept private and are communicated via a single point of contact at the Club.


Club Harassment/Bullying/Abuse Incident Resource:

Jon Hasson


Please do not hesitate to contact Jon with any questions, or if you require more details about the Code of Conduct or require assistance in submitting any information.


About Jon Hasson:

Jon Hasson has been a member of the Ontario College of teachers in good standing for 18 years and has received the training required on protocols to ensure the safety of children and participants  under the Ontario Collage of Teachers supplied by and in accordance with the London District Catholic School Board. Furthermore, Jon has completed the Safe Sports Training module developed by the Coaching Association of Canada.

Provincial: (Coach Code of Conduct or Ethics concerns)

Ontario Soccer’s Code of Conduct and Ethics outlines the obligations of coaches and is used as a reference when any claim is made. When a Coach has violated this Code of Conduct (Coach is outlined in section 12 - 13 of the policy link below), the individual must reference the specific section of the violation when submitting the form.


The Ontario Soccer Complaint form can be found here. Further, you should indicate which of the outcomes (as per section 23 of the above form) you would anticipate based on the situation.


It is recommended that this form is submitted by Jon Hasson (contact information above) to the ‘Complaints Administrator’ at Ontario Soccer.


Although we would suggest starting via the Provincial route, several other avenues are available at the National level..


National Resources:

Canada Soccer has an established independent whistleblower hotline, operated by a third party, which provides a secure location to lodge complaints or share information anonymously.


Abuse Free Sport: For “advice, guidance and resources on how to proceed/intervene appropriately” in a suspected incident of abuse, harassment, discrimination or bullying, you can also contact:

The Club pledges that it will give its full cooperation to any investigator and we expect the Club and all staff and volunteers to do so.

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